HDMI Transmitter TSMC28HPL, frequency 300MHz. Critical Analog-Digital interface timings

HDMI Transmitter TSMC40LP, frequency 300MHz. Critical Analog-Digital interface timings


Low Power Application Processor: Complex low power application processor on TSMC40G with a dual-core ARM processor. Flip-chip, multi-hierarchy design with 30+ complex IPs integrated, 3 voltage domains and 20+ power islands with power gating. High performance analog PHYs include DDR3/LPDDR2, PCIe, USB, SATA, LVDS and HDMI.


Multi-media and networking application SOC - HDMI over Ethernet TSMC65GP, 350MHz core frequency, High performance Serds(XAUI PHY) and Display PHY(HDMI Rx/Tx) integration.


M2M Application IC on TSMC90LP, Core Frequency 208MHz. Dual ARM PLL, ADC, OSC with Voltage regulators and Multi-power domain implementation.


High performance networking application IC on TSMC90GP, 166MHz core frequency, Hierarchical implementation with 13 clone blocks and 1PLL. Size is 13.8mmx 13.8mm


High performance DSL networking application IC on TSMC 130nm. 166MHz core frequency. 1PLL and 48 macros. Flat Chip.


Voice Over IP chip in SMIC 0.18um, 4 PCM Channels, Voice/Fax/Modem